The renowned painter, Agoston Veso studied painting at the Kolozsvar Academy of Fine Arts graduating in 1955. His first love was sculpture. It was as a student of sculpture that he came to painting, when as a sculptor, he submitted a single painting, at his first exhibition, at the 1953 Nagybanya Regional Exhibition. It attracted the favorable attention of his professors and colleagues, who encouraged him to continue in that medium.

Agoston Veso was born in the picturesque town of Nagybanya, in Transylvania, to which he returned to stay, after his graduation. His art has continually evolved and grown over almost 60 years, through painting and recently photography, as a result of his efforts to find the best expression of his fascination with the rich Nagybanya landscape.

Today his name is synonymous with the Nagybanya Landscape Painters’ Camp. And he holds exhibitions of his work in both Romania and Hungary.

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Videos are available for viewing on the Videos page.

Five of those videos celebrate his 80th Anniversary Year in 2011 – with Exhibitions of Paintings in both Nagybanya, Transylvania on May 31-2011, and in Budapest, Hungary on July 1-2011.

See the video of his 2012 Exhibition May 10th to June 15th, 2012 in Gyula, Hungary.

His latest video is from July 26th-2016 – See his 85th Birthday Celebration & Life’s Work Exhibition which took place in Nagybanya, Romania.

Landscape Painters’ Camp

In the Fall of each year, usually the first two weeks of September, Agoston Veso hosts a painters’ camp on the outskirts of Nagybanya. The camp is an opportunity for experienced painters to meet, and to share and learn from each other. See above for a brief history of how the Painters’ Camp got started.

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